Delivery conditions

  • The probable delivery date is stated in the respective offer. Delivery dates and terms of delivery are binding only if they have been confirmed by us in writing. With the prepayment method via transfer, the dispatch of the goods does not take place until after our receipt of the full purchase price and the dispatch costs.
  • If a product ordered by you is not available, contrary to expectations despite a timely completion of the relevant covering transaction, for reasons for which we are not responsible, you shall be informed about the non-availability without delay and in case of a withdrawal, the payments that have already been made by you shall be reimbursed immediately.
  • The shipping shall take place at your risk. If you wish, the goods shall be shipped with a suitable transport insurance and the costs arising from the above.
  • Part deliveries shall be permissible and can be independently specified by you, provided this does not incur additional shipping costs for you.


Used parts return, used parts deposit

  1. During the purchase, a used part deposit is charged in addition to the purchase price. The value of the used part deposit is specified in each respective purchase.
    The used part deposit is to be paid to us along with the purchase price, unless before shipment of the purchase you provide us with the same used part which meets the requirements of paragraph 3 (in this case, there will be no charge  for the deposit of the used part).
  2. You will receive a refund for the used part deposit provided you ensure we receive an item identical to the used part within 7 days of purchase, and which meets the requirements of paragraph 3. The refund will be paid within 15 working days after we receive the used part.
  3. The identical used part to be sent by you must have undamaged casing, and must be sent in its original box with no original components missing. Otherwise, the obligation to pay the used part deposit stands and the used part you sent will be returned back to you.
    You bear the costs and shipping risk for sending the used part. Shipments without paid postage will not be accepted.
  4. Those customers of ours who return parts from countries outside the European Union, must insert “zero value” on the relevant document they will fill in, for the return of the part.
    Any tax fee or custom charge for the return of the part will be deducted from the warranty core return fee that have been held.